An incomplete list of ongoing current personal projects. Only things far enough along to have showable content here.

Previously in Europe

I make a weekly podcast with Ciaran Dold about European Politics. I made a small site for it which lives here.

The site is intended to host some data visualisations relevant to current events… they’ll mostly be maps

Tensorflow with Unity

Possible directions:

  • Something turn based where a pre-trained network could make AI decisions
  • Using pattern transfer techniques in an interactive way
  • Some application of image recognition to feed into a game mechanic

A proof of concept for running the library in the engine at runtime - here

Retired & Completed Projects

Historical Beef (Completed)

A game jam game about placing meat. Made with Elliot Page. At time of writing it was the only meat placing video game available.

Beholdr (Retired)

A webapp for some podcast tools. Included analytics and review aggregation from different sources largely to get around the lack of management tools from apple podcasts.


  • Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • D3.js